Leading Way to a Greener Solar Planet

Sparklife Solar sets the benchmark in Solar and Energy Solutions ranging from the best engineering practices, to consultation, and installation of solar panels in both commercial and residential properties. We have with our dedication and passion towards encouraging renewable energy put together a collection of solar panels accessible to Australians who seek cleaner source of energy.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide customized roof based solar solutions in Australia. At Sparklife Solar, we understand very well that each roof has its own characteristics, so a customized approach is a necessity in providing the best solutions for our clients. Be it a commercial or a residential property, our experienced team makes sure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to execution of the project followed by the best customer service. We make sure to provide the best out of every hard earned penny spent.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to make our world a better place for our current and future generations. We thrive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and facilitate a path towards more sustainable and eco-friendly environment.

Our Values

A clean planet is just isn’t a fashion statement but necessity for our survival and for the survival of our future generations. Rapid rise in industrialization has led to catastrophic impacts on the environment, Global warming being one of them. It is high time that we focus more on renewable sources of energy like the solar energy. We strongly believe that a shift towards solar energy in our daily lives would help the Earth to rejuvenate very quickly.


Quality is our Company Hymn. We strictly believe in quality over quantity any given day. Our high-quality solar panel systems and installation capabilities makes sure our clients always get the best and nothing but the best. We constantly work on the R&D in order to improvise and evolve with the changing technology just to provide more efficient systems for our clients. Our motto is simple- we use the best and deliver the best.

Incomparable and Consistent Solar Power Solutions

We are known for our reliability and that comes with our knowledge, experience and zeal to provide only the best to our clients. At Sparklife Solar, we only choose the most efficient and robust panels followed by the most professional practices the industry can offer.

Our main aim is to provide a reliable solution for our clients that are highly practical and convenient. Our most diligent and experienced team is committed to deliver the best customer service and ensure all the requirements of the clients are taken care of.


Sparklife Solar is your one-stop destination for the best range of solar panels and inverters at affordable prices. We offer reliable, high-quality installations at affordable prices to ensure maximum benefits for our customers. Our team of experts includes engineers and technicians having years of experience in implementing customized solar projects. We also offer widespread techno-commercial solutions. It is our passion for green energy that has led to empower our services to dominate the solar industry.

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