Understanding Of Solar Energy

About Solar Energy

What do you Mean by Solar Energy?

Adequate sunlight touches our planet in an hour to power the entire world for the whole year. Anyone can procure and install solar panels, unlike the extraction and burning of fossil fuels that calls for extensive resources and capital for the process completion.

Installing the solar panels helps considerably reduce the electricity bills, subsequently reducing your dependence on the energy grids. This gives you the liberty to be safe from the unstable electricity and fuel costs. With the ever-increasing electricity process, solar energy proves to be a futuristically cost-efficient and resourceful investment for Australian businesses and homes.

How We Generate Energy 

How Solar Energy Works?

Photovoltaic solar panels that are assembled with solar cells that are further constructed out of semiconductors like silicon works by harnessing and converting the sun’s energy to sustainable energy. Once the photons fall on the solar cells, the atoms kick out the loose electrons. The conducting particles are then attached to both the sides of the cell that further form an electric circuit. The electrons knocked out flow throughout the circuit and produce electricity. The assortment of solar panels wired together structure up into a solar pattern. An important thing to remember here is that more the assortment of panels the more energy you’ll be able to generate.




Solar PV panels seize the sunlight

Inverter converts direct to alternating current

The surplus energy is stored in a battery

Electricity can be pulled from the power grid.

Solar PV panels seize the sunlight making the electrons present in the panel’s silicon cell to discharge the energy that converts into direct current electricity. The inverter then converts the direct current into alternating current electricity, making it accessible to homes and businesses. The surplus energy is stored in a battery or send back to the power grid. In case you need more power that generated from the solar panels, the electricity can be pulled from the power grid.

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