What do you mean by Solar Energy?

Out of all the renewable resources available on earth, solar energy is the most abundant. We can capture it and utilise it in a number of ways to satisfy our needs using different technologies; primarily, solar panels.

We all know that the sun is a natural nuclear reactor. It is not just the light during the daytime that we get from the sun. In fact, every packet of energy (photon) that it releases fuels our planet. The numbers of photons that reach our earth every hour are enough to satisfy our energy needs throughout the globe for an entire year.

How do Solar Panels Work?

Sun’s energy can be harnessed and converted to usable energy with the help of photovoltaic solar panels that are constructed using solar cells that are further made up of semiconductors like silicon.

When photons fall on a solar cell, the loose electrons get knocked out from their atoms. Conducting materials are attached to the both sides of the cell to form an electric circuit. The knocked out electrons flow through the circuit and generate electricity. A number of solar panels wired together form a solar array. More the number of panels more energy you will be able to generate.

How can you take Advantage of Solar Energy?

The owners of the building can enjoy the advantages of solar energy to satisfy their daily energy requirements. They can install a solar power system to utilise solar energy to their maximum advantage.  Photovoltaic solar panels are commonly used for residential solar panel installations and solar thermal capture is used for producing electricity on a massive scale.

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