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    Pioneering innovation and quality in solar energy, Sparklife Solar is named as Australia’s best residential and commercial solar panels podium.

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Sparklife Solar – A new definition to Solar Industry

Introduction - Solar Panels in Sydney, NSW

Solar Power is renewable energy precipitated from the sun. There are plenty of ways to capture solar energy. Solar Panels are one of the most popular ways to convert the sun’s rays into renewable electricity. The  property owners are more inclined towards installing the Solar Panels in Sydney. Welcome to Sparklife Solar! We are the leading solar inverters and Solar Panel Company in NSW. Sparklife Solar bestows you with the best solar appliances that cater to your needs. We make switching to clean energy a smooth process and hence, take pride in being a resilient and experienced solar panel partner in town.Sparklife Solar was set up to provide you the best and cost-effective solar panels,assisting not just in easing the operational expenses of Australian businesses but also bring down the  electric sustainable charges. We serve as a platform offering the clients superior-quality and smart energy resources including solar photovoltaic panels and inverters, and batteries. Following a holistic approach towards each project, we offer an extensive portfolio representing Solar Panels ensuring the utmost flexibility to take in hand all your energy needs.

Sparklife Solar-Solar Panel System in Sydney, NSW

Switching to clean energy has never been easier before. It thus makes sense to rely on a resilient and experienced solar panel company. Sparklife Solar was set up to cater to the needs for cost-effective solar energy solutions, assisting not just in easing the operational expenses of Australian businesses but also bring down the electric sustainable charges. We serve as a platform offering the clients with superior-quality and smart energy resources including solar panel and inverters, and batteries.

We offer best Solar Panel System in Sydney, NSW  to ensure the utmost flexibility to take in hand all your energy needs.

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How solar energy works?

Did you know that the concept of generating electricity with solar panels through the photovoltaic effect was first discovered by Edmond Becquerel in 1839? He was the first person to introduce the concept of solar panels .. If you are looking forward to installing the Solar Power in NSW, Let us give you an insight into how solar energy works. A solar panel system is made up of silicon, which is the primary constituent of natural beach sand. Silicon is an abundant and second most available resource on the planet Earth. Besides, a solar panel consists of a glass case unity, a metal frame, and a wiring system that helps to transfer electric current from the silicon. It is important to note that when the light hits the silicon cell in the solar panel, it causes the production of electrons which are further set-in motion. This motion causes a flow of electric current which is also known as the Photovoltaic Effect.

What Makes Us Different?

Quality Ensured

The panels, inverters and mounting showcased at Sparklife Solar are accredited by the Clean Energy Council and meet the Australian parameters.

100% Australian Owned and Operated

Sparklife Solar is the leading supplier of solar panels in Sydney, inverters and mounting near you that sells the best solar products. We are equipped with highly qualified staff and engineers who hold great expertise in the field.

Best Value Guaranteed

As a promising supplier of solar power in NSW, we ensure to bring a smile to your face with the best price in town. We offer products of premium quality at an amazing price range and we take pride in offering the best value for your money.

Certified specialists

Our clients have peace of mind that our specialists have undergone specialized training and hold years of expertise and experience in delivering superior quality service with unparalleled installation of solar panels.

An initiative towards the next green step

Homeowners across Australia are opting for solar to cut back their energy bills while enhancing their property value. When homes opt for Sparklife Solar, they know they are paying for premium quality solar panels in NSW that will power their property for decades.


Looking forward to installing the best 6.6 KW Solar System in Sydney, NSW? We, at Sparklife Solar, strive to provide refinement in current energy solutions by offering superior quality and shrinking power costs. We aim to satisfy our customers with tailor-made solutions with solar panels meant for every roof in Sydney, NSW. Our team of highly skilled experts has in-depth knowledge of solar panels which helps us cater to all possible needs of our customers.  we offer best Solar Panel System for every purpose.

Sparklife Solar specializes in 6.6 KW Solar System that are meant for sites of all sizes. Our solar panels come with a decade of workmanship warranty along with a massive KW inverter. We give you the liberty to browse through our collection and choose among your favourite brands like:-


Q Cells

Hyundai Energy Solutions


Trina solar

Longi Solar

Risen Solar Energy




Google Reviews

Ritesh Malik
Ritesh Malik
Sparklife solar is amazing. They follow up with us on regular basis until installation completed. Particularly Anandeep follow up after couple months to check if everything working ok. He even help me in comparing my bills and guide me to correct service providers. Thanks Aman and thank you Sparklife
Mohammad Tariq Ayub
Mohammad Tariq Ayub
Clear communication and suggestion. Punctual in installation and good post sales support.
Quin Law
Quin Law
Ash Korotania
Ash Korotania
Manish Dutt
Manish Dutt
chris moran
chris moran
Brilliant team 🙂 very much recommend. most affordable and stay's with you throughout the process.
jagadeesh r
jagadeesh r
Aman was very professional right from quote to installation. I would be happy to recommend sparklife solar to my friends.
Sandeep Vasireddi
Sandeep Vasireddi
From the outset Sparklife rep Rohit came across polite, willing to listen to my system design aspirations and keen to match competitors’ prices while providing quality advice about the pros and cons of various brand products. Like many other prospective solar owners, I was so confused by the volume of info to the absorbed and so I asked for a number of pricing options - and they were provided promptly on each occasion. Unfortunately there was some technical issue with my existing connection being abolished years ago. Rohit @ Sparklife kept me informed of the energy distributor’s (Ausgrid) advice and provided me all the info I needed to approach my supplier (AGL) to resolve the issue. This pushed out my install date until a new NMI could be issued/installed prior to PTC application. However, Sparklife were happy to hit resume and mobilise installation within a week of the issue being resolved. As a structural engineer (bridges not buildings), I observed the install and was happy with the general workmanship. The system handover was smooth and followed up to ensure I was happy with output being generated. In closing, I would be happy to recommend Sparklife to my friends!
salwa Freeman
salwa Freeman
We had a new system installed at our place from Sparklife Solar around 3 months ago. The system is working fine and the output is as per the advise provided by Aman during initial consultations. Aman seems to be well experienced and I am impressed by his professionalism. The install was hassle free and the team also removed the old solar system. I Would highly recommend Spark life solar..

Sparklife Solar is your one-stop destination for the best range of solar panels and inverters at affordable prices. We offer reliable, high-quality installations at affordable prices to ensure maximum benefits for our customers. Our team of experts includes engineers and technicians having years of experience in implementing customized solar projects. We also offer widespread techno-commercial solutions. It is our passion for green energy that has led to empower our services to dominate the solar industry.

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