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Enphase micro inverter is used to produce more energy than other technologies. It is operated independently so each panel performs to its fullest. This micro inverter produce more at dawn, dusk and in low light condition for a longer solar day. The special thing about inverter that it is safe, powerful and reliable and feature the full integration of battery cell packs, battery management system, inverter, control software, and system communications functions.

Emphase energy is an American NASDAQ listed energy Technology Company headquartered in Fremont, California. Emphase design and manufactures software driven home energy solution that span solar generation, home energy storage and web based monitoring and control. All emphase micro inverter are completely self contained power converters.

In case of a rooftop inverter, the unit will convert DC from a single solar panel into grid complaint AC power, following the maximum power point of the panel. All emphase microinverter have been both Advanced Grid Function and Bidirectional power capable. This allow microinverter to produce power in the DC-AC direction, for solar applications, or in the DC-AC and AC-DC direction, for battery use. The micro inverter in the Emphase battery products are exactly the same units as installed on the roof, with only software settings changed.

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